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Concept and Design


Our Design Team has the skills, expertise and passion to develop robust and cutting-edge low voltage systems. As any engineer working in their passion would, we'd love to take the reins and design the most impressive system possible, however we know that often isn't the case. Regardless of the size and scope of your project we are committed to delivering value driven technology. Working alongside owners, architects and engineers our goal is to produce a design that satisfies your needs and budget but maintains system standards and long term reliability. We work tirelessly to examine system functionality, user interaction and design aspects to deliver turn key solutions. With system design and approval of a contract we provide a full set of documents often including shop drawings, wiring schematics, wiring schedule and system layouts. Additionally, our team has access to custom fabrication resources that can help overcome design and construction obstacles or really set your concept apart!

Project Management

There are a lot of moving parts during the construction process, especially when it comes to low voltage. Keeping a project on schedule and within budget requires proper management for success.  Our Project Managers will work with owners, architects and engineers in the construction process once the design phase is complete to ensure a smooth build sequence. Sound Solutions strives to be as self-sufficient as possible and having a wide variety of skill sets allow us to "keep things moving". From overseeing cable delivery to handing over at completed space, our project managers serve as a single point of contact for all stakeholders. With extensive experience across a wide variety of project scopes and locations, our project mangers are at home on any site and are committed to managing our clients expectations. Site inspections, trade co-ordination, RFI's, submittals, scheduling, equipment logistics, wiring inspections, and more get handled from start to finish by dedicated members of our team. 


Our installation department is committed to bringing the concept and design phase of your project you life.  Under the guidance of our project managers the installation process is designed to be an efficient sequence of equipment deployment and system stand ups. Our on the go problem solving skills coupled with vast installation experience across a variety of industries and geographic locations allows us to work professionally and efficiently and complete installations on schedule and within budget.Speakers, projectors, security cameras, video walls, network terminations, equipment racks and just about every other piece of equipment that makes up your system receives a white glove touch and unparalleled attention to detail as it's integrated into your space.   

Programming and Training

Programming plays an integral part of any low voltage system. As each project and it's systems are custom tailored to a client's needs, developing user controls, tuning a room to sound "just right", network SSID configuration and camera deployment all require the touch of professional.   We have highly experienced and educated programmers who are dedicated to delivering efficient and user friendly interfaces. Whether it's a BSS or Dante Audio network, Atlona video matrix industry standard network or surveillance equipment, it all requires backend configuration and programming to provide desired functionality.  Our programmers work to deliver this functionality seamlessly and intuitively to our end-users.  We are also committed making sure you and/or your staff are comfortable with operating any equipment and are happy to offer training services in the form of user manuals, in person trainings, and online modules. 


"Things happen" but when they do, The Sound Solutions Team is ready to step in and provide world class service.  Our dedication to our customers never ends and our "white glove" approach to client and system maintenance is highly valued by clients small and large. Whether you need a simple speaker repair to cure a blown driver, security camera updates to get rid of those pixelated images, room tuning to make things sound "just right", or are looking to upgrade equipment, we can help.  With a vast knowledge of all the latest technology combined with highly skilled technicians we are ready to help get the most out of your systems.

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